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Sunday, September 2nd, 2001: Sayonara Party--and a Close Shave

Today was my "sayonara party," with over 60 people gathered in Nippori Minami Koen. (Yes, TV fans, my party was in South Park.) We did the usual--ate, drank, and were merry.

Then the real fun began. My friends applied trimmer and razor to my head et voila! Now I look even scarier than before.

One funny story: after the shave, while I was still seated in the chair, my friends lined up behind me and one-by-one stepped up to rub my head--for luck, I guess. After a while it seemed to be taking a long time, so I turned around and looked--at total strangers! People in the park had joined the line to rub the gaijin's head for good luck.

I'm still packing and cleaning for Tuesday's early departure, so the rest of this page is made up of pictures of the affair. If you came, THANKS! If you couldn't, here's what you missed.
Shibuya group
Some of my oldest friends in Japan:
Some students and staff from Aeon Minamiguchi School,
my first teaching assignment here.
Some of my newest friends in Japan:
Students from JFITS, one of the contracts I recently finished for Aeon.

Ryunosuke and Yoko
One of my youngest friends: Ryunosuke and his mom Yoko,
with whom I worked at Shibuya for nearly two years.
Yumi works on the "do," as Megumi, Taro, and Shie look on.

Mr. Ui, my manager at Aeon's Corporate Division for the last 2-1/2 years,
shows his hitherto-unknown skills as a barber.
Stu, Megumi, Taro, Shie (hidden), Masami, and Naoko wait their turns
(as barbers, not customers).

Shintani-san, my first Aeon manager,
always told me I shouldn't shave my head when I taught at the school.
But now?

Still a bit shy, I hide the new "do" under my new hat as
I pose with (l to r) Simeon, Yumi, and Shie.I pose with (l to r) Simeon, Yumi, and Shie.

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