A daily record of a ten-week walk through Japan
(more about my Aki Meguri)


[In order to make my Aki Meguri happen, I needed to "bang the drum," so to speak, and let people know what I was doing. These pages are archived from that effort, and also contain some of the philosophical groundwork of the meguri. This is how I first announced this project to my friends.]

First in the form of an e-mailed letter, and later as webpages, I told people about my mission: to carry prayers to the Shinto kami and the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. I also promised to document my journey in a logbook (and included a sample of what it might look like) and also to record my thoughts in a journal.

In return, I hoped that some would offer financial support in the form of personal donations or corporate sponsorship. I also sent out letters about this in English and Japanese.

When people began to respond, I listed the donors names on-line.

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